Experienced. Creative. Proactive.

Jeff’s most important piece of advice may sound simple, but it is critical: If you are arrested, immediately retain an experienced attorney. Having worked on thousands of cases over more than 30 years, Jeff knows how vital it is to approach each case individually — there is no “one size fits all” result. Jeff is known for thinking “outside the box” to achieve the best outcome for each client’s circumstances, and will:

  • Proactively develop a creative strategy
  • Keep each client fully informed
  • Be personally accessible throughout a client’s case
  • Minimize a client’s exposure
  • Fight hard for each client’s rights

While it may seem obvious, your attorney must act with integrity and character, never compromising his credibility or ethics. That’s why Jeff will never sacrifice his reputation — or his clients’ — during any case.


Thinking Outside The Box
A law enforcement official’s decision to arrest an individual can have irreversible negative effects. For adults, the accusation alone can result in the loss of employment, reduced credit worthiness, the suspicion of friends and family members, and the prospect of being labeled a “criminal.”

However, an arrest does not automatically mean that formal charges will be filed. In fact, securing the dismissal of a case after an arrest but prior to filing may provide an opportunity to have the arrest expunged. Jeff has had excellent success in getting charges reduced or dismissed, even when others said it couldn’t be done. Creative options … in-depth knowledge … positive alternatives … that’s what Jeff brings to all of his clients’ cases.

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