What Sets Jeff Apart

Often, a first call to a criminal defense attorney is a desperate call. When you speak with Jeff, you’ll notice he is calm, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable — exactly what you need at a time like this. As a top criminal defense attorney who is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and who has repeatedly been selected as a Georgia Super Lawyer and named to Georgia Trend Magazine’s “Georgia’s Legal Elite,” Jeff understands that clients need smart, thoughtful and experienced counsel. He ensures each client receives his personal attention and expertise.

With successful careers as criminal defense attorney and as a state and federal prosecutor, and later as DeKalb County District Attorney, Jeff handles a wide variety of cases, from defending clients in cases brought by state and local authorities to complex federal investigations.

What His Clients Say

My life turned upside down the day I was arrested. Jeff immediately calmed me down and developed a strategy for my case. Jeff never quit fighting for me. He resolved the case to my absolute satisfaction.
— J.L.

The threat of a prolonged federal investigation would have ruined my business and my reputation in the community. I needed a well-respected, experienced lawyer who knew his way around the courtroom. Jeff was the perfect choice to defend me.
— A.W.

I was falsely accused of committing crimes while serving as a police officer. Plea negotiations were simply not an option and I demanded a jury trial. Jeff’s confidence, poise and passion in the courtroom was overwhelming. When the jury returned its verdict of “Not Guilty,” I knew that the system really did work. I put my life in Jeff’s hands, and he didn’t let me down.
— A.N.

I was arrested after being involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident which resulted in the death of an innocent human being. I was devastated and ashamed. Jeff’s proactive approach, candid discussions with the prosecutor and the victim’s family and convincing mitigation package allowed me to avoid jail time, and to resolve my case without having a conviction on my record. Jeff helped me realize that even a tragic accident does not define a person and that I can still be a good husband, a loving father and successful business owner.
— M.B.

I don’t know what I would have done without Jeff’s patience, guidance, courtroom demeanor and uncompromising belief in me and my case. Jeff led me through a very challenging time in my life. His ability to keep it real made me and my family feel at ease, and helped me resolve my case in a fair manner. He is a great listener, cuts to the chase and best of all, understands people.
— J.D.

Jeff’s Cases

Jeff’s unique career — first as a prosecutor, then as a defense attorney — gives him a strategic edge in the courtroom and in out-of-court negotiations. His client base includes executives, professionals, teens and young adults, in state and federal courts. Jeff handles a wide variety of cases, from petty offenses to violent crime, and has developed a reputation as a formidable opponent. While no two cases are the same, and no two clients alike, Jeff’s wealth of experience enables him to quickly identify the key issues of a case. He has a keen ability to develop sound and effective case strategies, and ensures that his clients remain well-informed throughout the process. Click here for more information about Jeff’s cases.